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Blood in the Urine

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Edema - Swelling in the Legs


Painful Urination


Pulled Muscle

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Sore Muscles

Unexplained Weight Loss



     The professionals at have realized through our disease and treatment topics that many patients suffering from new, chronic and worrisome symptoms are increasingly turning to the internet to access medical resources to understand what might be causing their symptoms.  The doctor shortage and limited and delayed access to immediate healthcare has driven this relatively new demand.  Economics is also playing a significant role in patients spending considerable time searching for answers to healthcare concerns on the internet.  Though these medical websites are becoming more plentiful and generally useful, many who use them to get some explanations that they hope will ease anxiety and worry often leave the sites more confused and anxious than when they started their searches.  

     Patients use two distinct and different approaches to their non-doctor-visit attempts to gain insight into diseases and uncomfortable symptoms.  They either search a disease they think or know they have to get information, or, more commonly, they search for causes of a list of symptoms they are having.  Usually, the second method is employed first.  As we have a growing website that addresses established and confirmed diagnoses, we decided to add the “Symptom Search” component to make our site more complete and easier to get useful information.  This is a huge and time-consuming undertaking, and we believe it is worth the effort. 

           Though many “symptom” medical information websites are excellent and thorough, it has been our experience, from listening to concerns from patients who have had first-hand experience searching for answers at some sites that, more often than not, two unintentional things can happen.  The first is that the conclusions they draw and deem correct causing their symptoms are often wrong or incomplete.  And the second, and, even more concerning, is that patients using this method of self-diagnosis, though well-intended, tends towards creating more anxiety than relieving it, often because it may well be human nature to assume the worst possible diagnosis is causing a particular symptom.  Please try to remember that when an illness or feeling bad is fleeting, that usually it is not serious, though it can be.  Also, understand that rare diseases are just that, rare, and common conditions are common. So, please try to resist the temptation when Google-searching a symptom, or set of symptoms, that you MUST have a horrible disease.  Though it is possible, it is not likely.    

     No medical website addressing diseases and symptoms can list all the causes, nor can they replace the sacred bond you have with your personal physician.  No website can duplicate the experience a well-seasoned doctor employs when listening to and laying hands on a sick patient.  Perhaps that is why becoming a physician requires stringent entry requirements, four years of college, four years of medical school, and three to seven years of on the job training to be fully licensed.  And proof of proficiency must be obtained by passing a long battery of tests to demonstrate mastery of the subject.  We mention this to reinforce that the computer search cannot, and will not, replace your doctor visit, but it can help direct you in the correct direction, and improve the quality of time you spend with your doctor, making his or her job more easy and effective.  It is unfortunate that healthcare has reached a point where there is a serious doctor shortage, and there appears to be no immediate solution to that problem.  We predict that in the future, due to this shortage and other constraints, like economics, that patients will increasingly find it relieving and necessary to empower themselves and become more proactive in their healthcare.  That is exactly why we have made your number-one resource for accurate and logical symptom review.  Our goal is to relieve stress and worry, and help identify potential causes of symptoms you might be experiencing.  It is not our goal to treat you nor usurp the advice of your personal healthcare provider.  This information is educational only.  

     Because of the validity of the above, it is not our intent to address treatments of the symptoms you might be experiencing.  Once the real diagnosis is made by your physician, we have available at specific diagnoses and up-to-date explanations in great detail that you can learn from at your choosing.  We will, however, list more than just diagnostic thought processes, as we provide certain indications for appropriate testing and suppositions based on information and questions implied in the topic lists.  To keep this understandable and manageable, we do not address every conceivable cause of every symptom, nor do we offer extremely in-depth analysis.  This information is structured from more common causes of specific symptoms to less common causes, and at times, more severe to less severe, however, where necessary, the reverse is true, as well.  

      As to medical references, we decided not cite any on purpose.  What is written was generated by board certified specialists in their field, and the information is an amalgamation of their collective educations and knowledge obtained through years of practicing medicine.  Though there are exceptions, history has taught us that much of the art of medicine is found more in the heart and instinct and experience of the doctor than in a textbook or article in a medical journal just recently released.  Please enjoy the material, and find answers, and hopefully, some comfort.

        Our intention at mdeduonline Symptom Search is to address symptoms individually and list most of the possible causes, based on potential urgency to avoid a catastrophic event, the level of danger, the frequency of occurrence of the disease in the general population, and common medical knowledge.  Though we cannot and do not wish to replace your existing doctor-patient relationship, we understand that is at times difficult to get access to your normal provider.  This is particularly true in the middle of the night, when most symptoms become apparent, similar to Murphy’s Law.  

     Just as a reminder, the lists of potential causes of the various symptom topics are in no manner complete in their totality, but they are the best we can achieve with not having seen you face-to-face as a patient integrated into our practice.  In no way are you to assume that the information gleaned from this website usurps or replaces the relationship that you should have with your doctor. 

      In every instance, the authors have gone out of their way to make these very complex subjects as simple as possible.  In that attempt, the reader can expect that some esoteric diseases will be omitted by intent. 

     Thank you for joining us at  Please free to take advantage of all the information provided.  The list will be updated periodically and quickly. 


 Sincerely yours, 


John R. Hicks, M.D., F.A.C.C. and the Professional Staff at

Board Certified in Cardiology and Internal Medicine