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     If you have a child with blood in the urine, see a pediatrician.

     If you are a young adult and have had trauma to your bladder area or where your kidneys are located in your back and have blood in your urine, see your doctor or go to the E.R.

      If you are young and have blood in your urine, but no pain and had recent strep throat, you could have glomerulonephritis from an immune response.  Tell your doctor.  A small amount of blood in a large amount of urine looks like a lot of blood.

     There are other autoimmune and genetic diseases that can cause small amounts of blood in the urine.  You will likely be fine if there is just a small amount, but some can be more dangerous than others.  In this case, a nephrologist will likely need to see you.

     If you got bitten by a snake and received anti-snake serum and have blood in your urine, you are likely still in the hospital.  Your hospital doctor will handle it.

     If you are older and have painless blood in your urine, see your doctor.  You could have a hidden kidney cancer, called Renal Cell Carcinoma, or another cancer.  Do not ignore it, even if it goes away.

If you have pain in your flank that radiates to your groin and it comes and goes and you have blood in your urine, you might well have a kidney stone.  Most people with kidney stones know it, because it HURTS!

     If you are somewhat older and have painless blood in your urine, you could have cystitis, a bladder infection, or you could have prostatitis if you are a male.  If a male and older and have problems emptying your bladder, you could have prostate cancer.  See your doctor.

     If you have a heart condition or are on anti-coagulants for atrial fibrillation or an artificial heart valve and have blood in your urine, go see your doctor now.

     If you take aspirin or anti-platelet drugs for a heart stent and have blood in your urine, tell your doctor immediately.  Do not stop the medications until you see your cardiologist, as this might result in a heart attack.

     Remember, if you are older, or have a family history of kidney cancer and you see blood in your urine, make your doctor order an ultrasound or CT scan of your kidneys, because this cancer is curable if caught early, so don’t delay.

     If you are a middle-aged or older female and “spot” see your gynecologist.