Education from doctors.
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The Library @ is the collaboration of many talented people. The idea came out of a medical practice that I opened with my best friend in 2014. My friend John Hicks, MD, FACC is a cardiologist who has been practicing medicine for over twenty years. He has seen healthcare changed dramatically over the course of his career, but never more rapidly than in the past few years.

We have had the privilege to care for more than 4000 patients in our office over these past two years.  Our practice is in Myrtle Beach, SC, a destination that draws retirees and professionals from across the country. As we have gotten to know these people, they have shared their concerns with their healthcare. Several issues resonate with most of them and captured our attention:

Patients, across the board, want more time with their doctors at appointments to get all of their questions answered and really understand what is happening with them. Once they get home, most look to the internet to fill in the gaps.

Patients, across the board, seem to understand that doctors are seeing more patients than ever before which limits their time at each appointment. Though no one likes it, it has become the expectation.

John and I decided to create an online resource to provide supplemental education for people to help them gain an understanding of what is happening with their health. We decided to present this information in the form of high definition streaming video that is informative and visually entertaining. Our friends Matt and Mike have taken this vision and transformed our scripts into beautiful, engaging, animated videos that make it so easy to understand the material.
Please be encouraged to send your feedback or make requests for further additions to our topical library.  We plan to add multiple videos each month in order to better serve you and your family.
Thank you so much for sharing your time with us at!
Evan Hallinan
Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer
The Library @